Nowadays, bathroom design is leaning towards chic and sleek. People now prefer a linear simplicity instead of having too accessorized or adorned space. Once you are finding ways in redesigning your bathroom to make it appealing and to highlight your bathroom features, here are some of the décor ideas to help you begin with:


To reiterate, the trend now is toward having a streamlined, crisp, and clean furniture. To make a sleek and lighter environment for your bathroom, you should try to secure cantilevered cabinetry to your wall. Think about incorporating strip lighting to the bottom part of your cabinets as this can help produce a warm glow to the floor underneath.


Sleek and crisp clean white fixtures are one of the features of modern or contemporary design. If you have enough space, you can place a free-standing bathtub—one of the most popular trends now. They come in different sizes and shapes and this beautiful tub can make a more dramatic focal point in your bathroom.

Luxurious shower

Make a steam shower that has several body sprays and rain heads. Also, you might want to think about adding an access panel and a built-in bench to cover the steam system. Design an entire enclosure of seamless glass from your ceiling to floor and incorporate the interior with stone tile or complimentary mosaics to set it apart from the entire space.


Always keep your bathroom clutter-free and make sure to show to a minimum. You can accessorize your bathroom by having bright colored towels. Choose silver, nickel, or chrome toned door/drawer pulls, paper holders, towel hooks, and towel bars for sparkle.

Materials and surfaces

For countertops, you can use solid surfaces, such as glass, concrete, granite, limestone, or quartz. Make sure to keep a square and simple edges for a more sophisticated style and easy maintenance. You should also incorporate an attractive backsplash material to contrast the material and the color of your countertop. It can add amazing drama and detail to space while it creates instant architecture. Some of the most in-demand product nowadays in terms of backsplash products are ceramic, stone, mosaic, or glass tile detail since it makes a sense of contemporary style.

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